Company Overview

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, PHIGENIX, Inc. will leverage licensed patented technology to establish a strong first-mover advantage in Personalized Medicine and forge a lasting leadership position in the rapidly evolving cancer diagnostic and therapeutics industry.  The PHIGENIX technology platform involves detecting and targeting the PAX2 and EN2 oncogenes for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

We are currently developing diagnostic tests which may detect prostate abnormalities at the pre-malignant state years before the onset of cancer.  Our therapeutics in development involves blocking the expression of cancer causing proteins and the subsequent re-expression of a naturally occurring component of the immune system to fight cancer. Finally, we are developing novel drugs, antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates to deactivate the cancer causing protein for cancer treatment and/or prevention.

Recent research findings have provided a better understanding of breast cancer resistance to chemotherapy through the discovery of useful biomarkers.  It is thought that treatment recommendations for breast cancer patients may be tailored through the use of tumor genomic profiling, as well as analysis of host characteristics. PHIGENIX is developing a diagnostic kit which determines the levels of a key oncogene that is known to regulate drug response in breast cancer, which may assist physicians in determining treatment regime.  With this diagnostic test, breast cancer patients likely to benefit maximally from a particular therapy can be identified, and other patients for whom alternative therapies (e.g. hormonal manipulation) can be selected.

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